a cross-design project, created jointly by VOZIANOV & MANAKO DESIGN.

The main idea of project is to expand common design practices and to cross various design branches for creation of products with new features.

Authors broke usual rules between interior design and fashion design, and created several universal patterns, which can be used both for clothes design, and for creation of furniture and lamps.

In spring 2019 project presentation took place at Milan Design Week. Circle, oval, rectangle are the simple shapes that formed the project base. They were used to create three items of clothes and matching items of furniture.

The project was also presented in Ukraine at exhibitions Prosto Neba, Design Living Tendency, Interiorgoda and Interior Mebel.

ONE PATTERN is project not only about design. It is project about communication, synthesis, game, which gives unlimited field for creativity both for authors and for people who buy this product.
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